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Freeside Logo

The Freeside Student Resources list consists of multiple categories of professional and academic resources which are aimed at aiding University of Hull students to gain further knowledge.

List originally comprised by @closebracket


Student Discount / Free stuff

VMware IT Academy is a similar program to the Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching, and allows students to obtain Software Products and Licensing for most of the VMware Products for FREE e.g. VMware Workstation, VMware vSphere, VMware Fusion. If you are a student of The Department of Computer science and Technology you would have been enrolled automatically. However sometimes your information may have "fallen through the cracks!", if so please reach out to me Andy Hancock via https://support.hull.ac.uk and mention Andy Hancock!

Business / Career




  • BuiltWith - Find out what websites are built with.
  • Regexr - A Regex helper.
  • delim.co - Quickly convert column data to delimited data.
  • GitHub Command Line - Do common GitHub tasks from the command line.
  • Privatebin - Open-source pastebin client that can also be self-hosted.
  • Ouroboros - Keep those docker containers up to date.
  • TLDR Pages - Simplified man pages.
  • Explain Command - A quick way to see what commands and their options do before running them.
  • RefWorks - A reference manager with University of Hull standard support.
  • Connected Papers - Visualise an academic field and find similar papers.

Educational Resources

Other interesting stuff

Other pages


Contributions are greatly appreciated! Either make a pull request or an issue with your addition! For guidance, see: Contributing.md

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