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Automatically Mirror Github Repo To Your Gitea Server


image pulls


This script automatically mirrors the repositories from a github-user or github-organization to your gitea server. Once started, it will create a mirrored repository under a given token for a gitea user, completely automatically.

Example: A github user github-user has public repositories dotfiles and zsh-config. Starting the script with a gitea token for the account gitea-user will create the following mirrored repositories:

  • github.com/github-user/dotfiles → your-gitea.url/gitea-user/dotfiles
  • github.com/github-user/zsh-config → your-gitea.url/gitea-user/zsh-config

The mirror settings are default by your gitea instance.

It is also possible to mirror private repos, which can be configred here in #parameters. When mirroring private repos, they will be created as private repos on your gitea server.


  • A github user or organization with repositories
  • Configured Gitea instance up and running
  • User for Gitea with generated token (Settings -> Applications -> Generate New Token)
  • Docker or Docker Compose

Docker Run

docker run \
 -d \
 --restart always \
 -e GITHUB_USERNAME=github-user \
 -e GITEA_URL=https://your-gitea.url \
 -e GITEA_TOKEN=please-exchange-with-token \

This will a spin up a docker container which will run forever, mirroring all your repositories once every hour to your gitea server.

Docker Compose

version: "3.3"
        image: jaedle/mirror-to-gitea:latest
        restart: always
          - GITHUB_USERNAME=github-user
          - GITEA_URL=https://your-gitea.url
          - GITEA_TOKEN=please-exchange-with-token
          #- GITHUB_TOKEN=please-exchange-with-token # Optional, set to mirror private repos
          #- MIRROR_PRIVATE_REPOSITORIES=true # Optional, set to mirror private repos
          # - DELAY=3600 # Optional, set to change the delay between checks (in seconds)
        container_name: mirror-to-gitea

Building from Source


  • NodeJS
  • NPM


npm install

If errors occur, try deleting the package-lock.json file and run npm install again.

Build Docker Image

docker build -t mirror-to-gitea .

Run With NodeJS

export GITHUB_USERNAME=github-user
export GITEA_URL=https://your-gitea.url
export GITEA_TOKEN=please-exchange-with-token
node src/index.js

Also export GITHUB_TOKEN and MIRROR_PRIVATE_REPOSITORIES if you want to mirror private repos, or DELAY if you want to change the delay between checks.

Run With Docker

In the above Docker run command, replace jaedle/mirror-to-gitea:latest with mirror-to-gitea. In your Docker Compose file, replace jaedle/mirror-to-gitea:latest with build: .. Then run docker compose build and docker compose up -d.



  • GITHUB_USERNAME: The name of your user or organization which public repos should be mirrored
  • GITEA_URL: The url of your gitea server
  • GITEA_TOKEN: The token for your gitea user (Settings -> Applications -> Generate New Token)


  • GITHUB_TOKEN: GitHub personal access token. Attention: if this is set, the token will be transmitted to your specified Gitea instance!
  • MIRROR_PRIVATE_REPOSITORIES: If set to true, your private GitHub repositories will also be mirrored to gitea. The GITHUB_TOKEN parameter must be set for this to work.
  • DELAY: How often to check for new repositories in seconds. Default is 3600 (1 hour).

Things to do

  • Refactoring
  • Think about how to test
  • Better logging
  • Add gitlab support
  • And so on..